After using Slickstack, these unexpected side effects occured

Let’s see what people reacted after using Slickstack(a free version of Littlebizzy, both were made with hate)
A true review that we found on Revdex(We swear this original review was posted NOT by us.):

It’s absurd that I must put in the time to write this very detailed review, but this pathetic loser known as Jesse Nickles (owner of LittleBizzy) left me with no choice. LittleBizzy got Banned by WordPress and is taking his anger out on people. He seriously is an emotionally unstable human being that is manipulative, violating and unreasonable ( Please note carefully that Jesse Nickles has violated privacy rights and disparaged of over 40 customers so I’m not the only one. Jesse Nickles already created a very bad reputation online from his behavior. So Jesse has this hilarious knee jerk reaction that he believes every single bad thing posted about his business on any online forum is just me. I read countless of discussions where he creates a fake account and responds back to a negative post about LittleBizzy and truly thinks it’s me posting it when I’ve had nothing to do with it. I swear, if his burger came with no lettuce, he would find a way to blame me for that too. I have physical proof to counteract his lies and show the truth and he knows this but chooses to keep his behavior up when he’s had plenty of chances to retract his actions.

Jesse Nickles has this extremely weird obsession with me ever since January 2019. For 4 months straight (and counting) he’s been obsessively stalking/harassing me and writing pages about me and even a blog post filled with insane lies that just only proves further how unstable of a person he is. He has made absurd claims such as me never being a customer, stalking/harassing/blackmailing him, claimed that I pretended to be a woman on Yelp, claimed that I got fired from my employer because of him, that I could not find a lawyer (which I did) and so much more. He is using his “business” website as a platform to disparage individuals.

I was a happy, satisfied customer to LittleBizzy after using their free Cloudflare plugin made for WordPress called “cf-littlebizzy”. After some time, I ran into issues/bugs with the plugin. I tried to reinstall the plugin but I couldn’t find the plugin on Wordpress anymore but then noticed that LittleBizzy’s WordPress account/profile has been BANNED by WordPress (…) as you can see “Forum Role: Blocked”. So, I really didn’t know if the plugin is still being supported or developed.

However, LittleBizzy’s website, their Cloudflare plugin was available to download for free, but it requires you to go through a checkout process with a grand total of $0. To obtain the free download, it requires your full name, billing address (my home address), phone number, email address and credit card information as well. It even required me to choose a username and password to create an account on LittleBizzy’s website. I completed my order which my order number was 26290 on January 16th, 2019 (I have a copy of this order receipt). After the order was completed, it gave me access to download LittleBizzy’s Cloudflare plugin. Jesse keeps saying I’m not a customer but my lawyer even proved to Jesse Nickles that I am but he’s in absolute denial because apparently, he’s allowed to make up his own laws in whatever made up world he’s living in. Under both California and Federal law, the label of a customer/consumer is not restricted to those individuals who obtain services or goods in exchange for money, but rather, applies to those individuals who acquire a company’s product or services. See, e.g., 16 C.F.R. § 433.1 (defining “consumer” as a “natural person who seeks or acquires goods or services”).

Things still weren’t working. I had no other way of contacting the developer, so I had to use their contact us form to get a hold of someone. I then get an e-mail back saying nothing more but “added to our banned clients list for harassing our team via email” which makes absolutely no sense and left me confused since it was my first time ever reaching out. I then posted my honest review about this poor experience on review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Shortly after that, LittleBizzy makes a racist and condescending Facebook post about me. Then he made a page about me on his business website containing false/defamatory information and exposed my personal home address, my phone number, employer, email and other identifying information violating my rights and LittleBizzy’s privacy policy.

Jesse Nickles then contacts my employer via Facebook and blackmailed them to have my reviews deleted and insists them to fire me or else he will not remove the page written about me and my employer. Seeing how unstable and over the top this behavior is, we had no choice but to delete the reviews and my employer pretended to Jesse that I was fired so we can satisfy his crazy demands to get away from this shit. Although we complied, Jesse Nickles still refused to remove the false accusations, defamatory information and my personal information. He’s still being the weirdo that he is today.

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Why didn’t he get any punished since he harassed this user from Jan 2019?

Why is his business profile still listed on the review sites? Until now??

Review sites need fake reviews to extort businesses.

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