Anyone can help me with this EA

Anyone can help me with this EA?

The requirements:

  1. Trains a model by using Tensorflow(we will tell you how to build the neurons)
  2. Sends orders to Oanda REST API
  3. Reads the report published on myfxbook

This is a paid work, our budget is up to 2000 dollars.
This EA must be finished in 2 weeks.

I can help you develop this.
The problem is how I can get the payout?

You can create a vendor account on
After you finish developing the EA for this client, you can upload a zip to and make a product item projected to the zip.
You can set a price for the product and inform the client to pay for the bill.
Once you receive the payment, you can remove the product item.
Removing items is not necessary for other products.
Because you are providing an exclusive freelancer service, so you need to remove the item.
Please refer to this article to know how to sell your service(product).
How to Sell – Fintechee EA Marketplace
Please note, currently is under the sandbox mode.
So the payments are not real. We will open a live payment gateway next year.


Can you please create a new category in this forum to list job posts?

If we have more job posts, then we will add a new category.

How can I send direct message(private)?

There are different levels in this forum according to how often you access the forum.
The trusted-level users can see a message button on other user’s profile.
Click it and then you can send private message to the user.