Can I request 2 FIX API demo accounts?

Can I request 2 FIX API demo accounts?
We want to test the FIX API aggregator.

If the demo FIX API accounts are idle, you can book two credentials.
But please note, the number of resources is limited for us as well.
So, you can’t have a long period to test. We only allow you to have one for up to 1 week.


Wow, generous!
If the guys use their own software instead of Fintechee, you still provide them with 1+ demo FIX accounts?

Yes, we do as long as the software is subject to our ToS.

Thank you.
Can we renew it once it expires.

Yes, you can renew.
But please note, if there is another order to book the demo at the same time, the new request will have higher priority to book.

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