How to read a trading history report that some trading-signals site listed?

How to read a trading history report that some trading-signals site listed?
Any advice is appreciated.

I didn’t get what you mean by “read”.
You asked how to use API to receive a trading history report?

No, my question is not about the API usage.
I mean how to analyze a stats report and get the points about how good or bad the trading strategy performed.

My recommendation is: don’t trust the historical performance of signals that contain the records to deposit and withdraw more than once after the initial deposit.
These signals must have been based on Martingale.
Martingale is an amazing strategy template, all the strategies based on Martingale can be profitable.
But the worst point is that almost all the Martingale-based strategies are low-profitable.
Because we need to prepare additional funds for an account when the equity is close to the margin call.
And the funds added to the initial deposit will dilute profit.


Thank you for your answer.

Can you please tell me why you said the additional funds will dilute profit?

Almost all Martingale-based EAs can make a profit 2-5 times as much as the initial deposit per year if the market movements have no big trend.

For example:
You deposit 1000 as your initial deposit. And you expect your annual profit is 2 x 1000 = 2000.
Suddenly, one day, the market movements go into a trend. You need to open more trades to make the total cost down and wait for a reversal market movement to close out without loss.
This is a pattern of Martingale, so-called “Averaging down”.
But, unfortunately, the market didn’t come back. You need to open more trades again and again.
Finally, the available margin is close to the margin call level.
If you don’t deposit more funds, then the trades will be forcibly closed by your broker.
Then you deposit 2000, 5000, 10000…
It’s common to add funds 10 times as much as the initial deposit.
2000(expected profit) / 10000(initial deposit + additional deposit) = 20%
See, the current profit rate is only 20%.
Of course, it’s higher than the bank interest rate, but bank interest doesn’t require you to take any risk.
So, the VaR of this trading model is really low.


Thank you for your help!

One more question.

Is it possible to get a report that someone only deposited once but actually the strategy is Martingale-based?

Yes, of course it’s possible.
So, we need to check… such as the period, how long the EA has traded, the equity curve and profit factor.
These information is most important to identify whether it’s a good EA.


Many thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: :+1: