How to Sell

Originally published at: How to Sell – Fintechee EA Marketplace

  1. Refer to C/C++/Mql VeriSig example at
  2. Add the source codes associated to VeriSig to your source codes
  3. Access inventory for seller to generate public/private key pair(Only the public key will be displayed)
  1. Replace the value of APPLICATION_PUBLIC_KEY with the public key that you generated
  1. Download C/C++/Mql compiler from and compile your source codes at
  1. Upload the compiled files(js, wasm) and the guide(txt) to inventory for seller and then create a product at seller dashboad
  1. Fintechee reviews your product details and approve listing your product

Any digital product can be protected?
I mean if some guy gets the link of some downloadable stuff, he can resell or publish it anywhere?

Yes. any digital product with a download link can be protected.
Our marketplace will issue a unique link for one purchase with a timeout mechanism.
If the buyer doesn’t download it, the link will expire after several minutes.
If the buyer wants to get a new download link again, he/she needs to re-issue an invoice via our inventory dashboard for buyer.

Thank you for your answer.
One more question:
If the link expires, then the indicator will stop working? The user needs to download another copy?

The link is ONLY used to download the resources(as a part of products that the user buys).
The download link will expire several minutes after the link is issued.
The expiration of the link will not affect the license due date of the user’s EA/indicator.
The user can still use the EA/indicator by entering the signature, the public key and the data(including the expiration timestamp and the product ID) without re-issuing the link(if the link expires).

The signature, the public key is for EA/indicator’s copyright protection.
Because supports normal digital products besides EA/indicator.
So, we need another mechanism to protect the copyright of normal digital products except EA/indicator.
That’s what the links are serving for.

Thank you.