If you search Fintechee via search engines, please note:

If you search Fintechee via search engines, please note:
We didn’t authorize any review sites to list our brands.
If you see any fake reviews, please let us know. We appreciate your warning.

We have found several review sites posted fake reviews from a notorious racist Jesse Nickles.
If you want to know who Jesse Nickles is and what he is doing, please check this page very carefully:

He is a professional scammer and blackmailer.
He has slandered more than 20000 innocents and infringed on these people’s privacy.

This page from a third-party report site will show you how people claimed to take down Jesse Nickles’ illegal websites:
(We are not this item’s author, you can find more than 15 claims from different people on Lumendatabase, and the number will increase gradually)

This page is about a lawsuit against Jesse Nickles by his alma mater:
Have you been sued by your school? Never, right?
Then, why does his alma mater hate him?

Amit Mehta is a US judge. Just because he was born in a family of Indian descent, Jesse Nickles attacked this judge with very very dirty words. You can find the link from WpJohnny’s website(I mentioned above).
The judge doesn’t even know Jesse Nickles and Jesse Nickles has not been judged by Amit as well.
So, obviously, Jesse Nickles attacks people especially colored race randomly(in most cases have no reason), just like how he attacked our brands.
We need to be careful of this kind of terrorist behavior, because, maybe someday, it will happen to your side.

We are going to sue Jesse Nickles. If you suffer continuous harassment from this troublemaker, please feel free to contact us.

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Now Jesse Nickles created a forum.
The forum actually just accommodates one user – only Jesse Nickles.
Why only him?
Because we have found, no matter whether the topics are related to Jesse Nickles or not, as long as the topics are not created by him, they will be removed immediately.
We are not the owner, so we can’t stop him continuing to post slanderous reviews.
But the problem is, the forum obfuscated all the names and made the topics look like being posted by a lot of different people. That’s really misleading.
If we hadn’t known that he was bad, we would probably have believed everything posted on the forum.

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I heard of Jesse Nickles, he is a psycho, that’s why even if he slandered so many people, he didn’t get sanctioned.
No one care him. Who care??

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The problem is, he likes to post fake reviews anonymously and makes the reviews look like being posted by random people.
Then the public can’t identify whether the reviews are fake.

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Google should take the main responsibilities for this issue!
They didn’t check the claims to take down the illegal links at all.
Their excuse is there are too many pages.
That’s true. But most of the pages have no complaints.
This psycho’s site has so many complaints, obviously it should have been listed on manually censor list!
But Google did nothing.
We don’t like Google as well. We have moved to new search engines.


Yes, exactly.
The most ridiculous is Google opens all the claims to the public via a third-party Lumendatabase.org.
I wonder why a third-party can be allowed to access the claims(they are completely infringing on privacy!!)
These sites(Google and Lumendatabase) are protecting the guilty side and the crimes in a sense.


That’s really ridiculous!!
Lumendatabase is totally redundant service!
What if the illegel site owner knows the complainant’s name via Lumen and revenges the complainant?

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What if the illegel site owner knows the complainant’s name via Lumen and revenges the complainant?

That’s what have already happened.
Jesse Nickles slandered more against us and posted more fake reviews at as many as review sites.

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