Improved_martingale is quite interesting, what's the benefit to make positions locked?

improved_martingale is quite interesting.

I saw when the market goes reversal, the EA will open a reversal position to make the total positions locked.
I’m curious why?
The locked positions just make the interval to average down longer.
What’s the difference if we don’t lock the positions, but rather make the interval longer?

They are different.

improved_martingale’s logic is to make the rhythms automatically change according to the market movements.
The positions are not changing linearly under this logic.

Just making the averaging-down strategy slow down by applying a big interval can’t achieve that.

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And, locking positions is not the purpose.
You can hedge the opposite positions, instead of keeping them locked.
If you do so, you can save the cost for swap point.
Of course, the logic of the program would be a little bit more complicated.

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Thank you.