Just now, I read this ads on some website

I am a successful currency trader who has been trading for over 5 years but left my job to go full time 18 months ago. An invesment of £250k will be used to scale up the current system and increase profits to a level where I am able to form a company within 3 years.

The trade accuracy is 78-80%. The risk to reward ratio is 1/5. Each trade is analysed and calculated over many hours and days to ensure it is a viable entry. Key to this system is waiting for the right scenario and conditions for me to be able to execute to this accuracy and structure.

If you would like any more information please do contact me and we can discuss further. Your original investment will be returned at the end of 24 months with 50% profit margin, along with any bonuses from the reward system as set out in that section.

I’m a newbie to trade FX. I’m curious, is this ads a reality?

Abs always boast…
Where did you find the ads? At Fintechee?

I think, if these goals can be achieved, that must be a grail.

Without Martingale, nobody can guarantee always winning.
And, as I have analyzed before, Martingale will dilute the profit rate.
So, both(with Martingale and without Martingale) are impossible to get such a high accuracy.
Some platforms boasted the accuracy rate to solicit views.

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Can you post the link of the ads here?