Let me share with you the typically wrong thinking styles of most quant traders.(1)

Let me share with you the typically wrong thinking styles of most quant traders.
Believe me, I’m very, very experienced in the trading world. I have confidence that this post must be helpful to you if you are also a quant trader.

  1. Hopes programming language can bring profit.

There are several programming languages used for algo trading.
The most famous one is Mql. And the others include Javascript, Python, Java, VBA…
Which one should we choose to code for algo trading?
My answer is to choose the one that you most use for coding.
For me, it’s Javascript or Java. Sometimes, I code C/C++/Mql programs as well.
I know Python and like Python, but I don’t often code Python programs.
Should I move to the Python community and migrate my existing codes to Python?
No, never. Because Javascript is my favorite programming language.
I have coded many JS programs, and all my JS programs behave good performance in trading. So I don’t need to migrate them.
Migrating JS to Python will not bring any additional profit except for time-consuming.
I heard that the reason why some guys choose Python is that Python is popular and quant Python has a big community of quant traders.
Somebody maybe has earned money by running a Python program. That doesn’t mean that you can earn money by coding Python.
There is no relationship between a programming language and your profit.
They are completely independent of each other.
If the winners don’t share their codes or strategies with you, re-coding your strategies by using a different programming language is really not worth doing.
My recommendation is: to move to a programming language community where there are really good quant traders and they like sharing their experiences.
The number of good quant traders is not required to be big. Even one is enough. It may be worse to have many choices.
If your current community is like what I recommended, then stay there.
If not, find a new one and then move. Fintechee is a good alternative forever.

Next time, let me share with you another wrong thinking style: sharing experiences makes good strategies not work anymore.


Visualizing the trading process is a trend.
Python-based quant makes all operations run in the background, which makes backtesting really hard to do.
I’m curious why there are still users trying some obviously useless Python-based trading frameworks.
Just for showing tech skills?
We use algo for profit, not for showing skills.

This experience sharing is definitely what I should have learned.
I ported my existing EA from Mql to several Python frameworks, but the results didn’t change a lot.
I regret for wasting so much time.