Let me share with you the typically wrong thinking styles of most quant traders.(2)

Let me continue to share with you the typically wrong thinking styles of most quant traders.

  1. Sharing experiences makes good strategies not work anymore.

To be frank, we don’t think it’s necessary to protect the trading strategies after we have traded for many years.
We didn’t see any grail-level EA in any EA marketplace. No, there is no grail EA, even just one.
Did you see any grails? Not yet, right?
If we have a grail, why do we sell it for just several hundred dollars? Impossible to meet such an idiot!
As Bill Williams said in his book “Chaos”, a grail-level EA is worth a couple of million dollars per hour.
Yes, per hour!
What you see in the marketplace are just very common EAs.
Because every quant trader has a similar mentality, the marketplace of EAs lacks credibility.
So, even if some generous guy publishes a real grail, no one will believe that’s priceless.
Another reason why most quant traders think sharing experiences will harm is that they think if everyone followed one signal and then the market movements could be affected and then the good strategy would not work anymore.
This kind of worry is really redundant. As I said, the marketplace of EAs lacks credibility, so the scenario that everyone follows one signal will NEVER occur.
That’s why we share our experience and good EAs here and never worry about somebody will “steal” our trading strategy.
With sharing strategies, we can learn the trend of thinking styles from a lot of quant traders. The trend of thinking styles will make us know the trend of the market movements.
Trading strategies should be open-sourced. That makes us know why we trade like that, why we send orders like that. Even though some EA may perform very common, that doesn’t mean the source codes of this EA are not worth researching.
Researching trading strategy alone is really a bad method. Simply following signals is worse and brings nothing except wasting time.

Next time, let’s discuss another wrong thinking style: optimizing parameters is necessary.


I also think sharing experiences will not make good strategies not work anymore.
But the reason why people don’t like sharing is not like what you said.
The reason is just, people wouldn’t like to give away strategies for nothing.

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I think you misunderstood what I want to express here.
I didn’t say sharing must be a free activity.
You can request payment when you give something(such as trading strategies) to others.
That’s a kind of paid sharing.
I just want to say, most quant traders overestimated their EAs’ performance and worry about the negative effect after they expose the business secrets.
Actually, there are many developers whose strategies are worthless, but these developers still don’t want to sell them.


I agree with what the admin said.

They have this mentality: the lower the fee is, the more underestimated the EA is.
So, they’d rather not sell.
But they don’t know their EAs are actually only worth so little.

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