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I launched an EA in my browser, referring to the improved_martingale template.
The template seems not to open trades very frequently(it’s based on signals hourly).
You know, Martingale algo depends on reversal market movements. It can’t work when you are in a trend. Almost all Martingale algo lead to a huge loss someday.
If an EA didn’t open trades frequently, it would take time to verify how it works when a market is in a trend.
So, I adjusted the period of the improved_martingale template and set it to 5 min.
If the algo works, opening many trades won’t hurt.
Let’s observe the performance.

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Because the initial signal is based on random number, so going into market along the opposite orientation is inevitable. 5 min is too short as the interval to generate signals.
So, be careful.

Around 200 pips in just a week, quite good and stable.
Since yesterday, the market seems having entered into a trend.
Let’s see whether this Martingale algo will overcome it or not.


Did you replace your own signals with the random signals in the original version?

No, just edited the time frame to 5 min interval.

It’s still in a consolidation.

All risky positions are closed finally.

Seems having passed the pressure testing.

The second round of pressure testing seems to have started…

Yeah, lol.
It’s inevitable for Martingale.

Seems not bad.
Currently, the latest month’s profit is close to 3%.
For the EA with 2000 as initial deposit and 0.01 as the volume of each order, it’s quite promising.
Keep it up!

Good stuff!
Unbelievable the signals are based on a random generator!

Where is it?
I can’t find it in the EA list.


This EA is not a built-in EA, but an open-sourced EA.

You can find it in our Github repo

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Oh, thank you for your help.

The money management is smart.