Stay away from this NEGATIVE psycho: Jesse Nickles

Stay away from this NEGATIVE psycho: Jesse Nickles!

NEVER use any products that he created!!
NEVER access any websites that he built!!

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Yes, he is very NEGATIVE.

The following is his latest post on his illegal site: “hucksters .net”:
I’m 100% sure that the attorney referred to in the post just took his responsibility to “punish” Jesse Nickles, and Jesse Nickles defamed people only due to his own personal matters.
Let’s see what Jesse Nickles posted:

One response to “Charles Bradley”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

Nov 30, 2022 at 6:15pm

Charles is the douchebag attorney in charge of legal issues at KDOR, which oversees the Kansas DMV aka. DOV. Last year after 6 months of driving around the country, I got (the only) speeding ticket during my entire road trip given to me by a corrupt sheriff from small town Oberlin, Kansas, on a highway that was outside city limits and out of his jurisdiction… he claimed a “radar” machine flagged me, despite dozens of other vehicles in the area, and despite no police cars having witnessed my alleged speeding.

This is what these small towns do in the Midwest to generate revenue, hand out tickets to out of state drivers they know will be unable to show up in court a month after passing thru town… paying an attorney to show up will cost more than the ticket itself. I had told the sheriff I was leaving the country soon, so he told me he’d call my phone about addressing the ticket instead of relying on mail… he failed to call me, and the fine was mailed to my old address without my knowledge, therefore it was past due.

I have spent 6 months communicating with Oberlin Court, their city attorneys, and finally KDOR… KDOR employees initially admitted to me that they had already reported my ticket to my home state, therefore I didn’t have to worry about so-called “reinstatement” (late) fees in Kansas.

Several weeks later, I randomly get a letter in the mail from Charles Bradley reversing this conclusion and demanding I pay reinstatement fees to KDOR in violation of the NVC interstate compact agreement that Kansas is part of. Charles, the absolute faggot that he is, failed to provide any contact information for me to respond. I looked up the email format for employees and emailed him directly multiple times asking for clarification, all which went ignored…

TLDR this guy is part of the KDOR scam that targets out of state drivers for illegal fees, and he tries to hide from it. He also directed other KDOR employees under his supervision to use fake aliases when communicating with me, which likely violates state law.

Edit: the funniest part about Charles and his wife Desi, is how they are posting almost daily on Facebook about how much they hate “woke” schools trying to brainwash their children with sexual children’s books, but Charles is the same asshole who argued in court on behalf of KDOR that Kansas police should be able to stop and arrest drivers who are “smoking cigarettes” or “sucking on breath mints” because it means they are probably drunk… I shit you not:

A right-wing authoritarian who thinks police stalking and harassing innocent drivers is fine, but God forbid the liberals make a book available in the library that he doesn’t like! Guaranteed #BlueLivesMatter stickers on this guy’s car.

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He spent 6 months harassing people just for dealing with his poor traffic TICKET…

Now, I think every reader should understand how we suffered continuously in the past one and a half years and why we need to expose his activities here(this forum shouldn’t have discussed non-fintech-related topics)

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While we responded to the troubles that he made, he was travelling…

He is wasting too many people’s time!!

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