These Sites Are Owned by Racist and Scammer Jesse Nickles



He can use and

These two sites require login email address to be .edu!!

Obviously he is just a freelancer or more of a psycho.

How can he get a .edu email address???

What’s his purpose to pretend to be a student???



It’s very possible to create several forums to defame people, according to his previous behaviors.
These two forums both allow anonymous posts(that signup needs .edu email address is just a strategy to make it look like a legal forum).
Allowing anonymous posts is a characteristic of all his sites, but the only posts that won’t be removed must have contents about racist ideas.


slickstack is worst script to install wordpress.
It steals private information.
A ton of my clients have complained.



Did you compensate for complaints?

Yes, answered in another thread just now.
Cost me around 5k usd.

He has 100+ sites.

Namesilo is a poor domain registrar that helped him to buy domains.

He has a domain:, Greg Re is an American TV host.

He defamed the TV host on the site, obviously it’s a crime to infringe on people’ names!!


Did Greg Re claim to take down this illegal site?

I think no one will care such a fake review site except small businesses.


No idea.

He defamed thousands of people, but only around 20 victims claimed to take down his sites.

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