has a very unreasonable term: The business profile can't be removed

“trustpilot. com” has a very unreasonable ToS: The business profile can’t be removed.

That means, even if you are the owner of some brand, you can’t remove the business profile created by another person that was not authorized to create the business profile page about your brand.

Really ridiculous…

The term said:

Deleting your account also means your profile page will revert back to “Unclaimed”.

Let me ask you a question: will you let go your house before you go to have a trip? (You predict that your naughty neighbor kids may graffiti on your walls.)

Making a profile unclaimed is similar to let go your house!
Out of the control of your profile, how can we keep calm when we need to respond to vicious assault?
That term is equal to make you stay at the site forcibly!
Why do we have to stay at a worthless site and play with psychos and scammers?
Why do we have no right to choose a review site?
The logic of that term is really ridiculous and unreasonable!!



I think a fair way to balance the reviewer and reviewed side is to create an SSO(single-sign-on) function to make the review sites know the access is from a person who has signed up for an account on the reviewed site.
Then the reviews can be detected as genuine experiences.
There have been a lot of report services to monitor spam, it’s really not necessary to post reviews to complain about spam.
trustpilot is over-authorized and overhead to make rules/terms to define the scope of what kind of reviews can be posted.
Because the review pages can be listed on google’s SERP, even only one 1-star bad review may mislead the public to be aware of the brands.


Bingo! This solution is feasible!

This solution is not feasible.
Let me explain why.
First of all, the login system needs to implement an authentication provider.
Who plays the role as authentication provider?
The review sites, right?
Then, there are so many review sites to choose, which review site can be allowed to provide auth?
If most of the clients don’t use review sites at all, the system still needs a self-hosted authentication function.
The self-hosted authentication function may conflict with the SSO.
So, the realistic solution is that review sites need to comply with the regulations. They can’t reject the request to remove the business profile from the owner of the business profile.



Thank you for your concerns.

But this solution is not doable.
Just like, a theft stole your stuff and rejected your request to return your stuff, but you accepted the suggestion that chose the theft to be your housekeeper.


Review sites should at least comply with this rule:
All reviews(including good reviews and bad reviews) or Non reviews!

That trustpilot forcibly makes business sites choose their redundant service is absolutely illegal!!


For big businesses, their review posts are no more than redundant reference, the SEO ranks can’t be changed. Who care a small review site?
For small businesses, their review posts are misleading. Because even a small review site has heavy weights on the SEO ranks for small businesses. So fake reviews will really ruin small businesses.