is an extortion website(professionally posted fake reviews)

We never authorized “trustpilot. com” to list any of our brands on their site.
We didn’t sign up until we decided to flag some obviously fake reviews.
So, the reason why we signed up there is not that we like them or we like them to help us promote our service. We NEVER need them. They are redundant completely.
Why we signed up is only because we need to flag some fake reviews.
After we flagged some fake reviews that said our Twitter entries are nonsense, they(“trustpilot. com”) took almost one month to reply.
Please don’t get me wrong.
One month doesn’t mean they worked hard to investigate. Taking one month just means they are lazy or scared to face some difficult troubles.

Let’s see how they replied:

Thanks for your inquiry about the review by Mr A, which you flagged for defamation. We’ve assessed the review and concluded that the words or phrases you’ve identified don’t contravene our guidelines. Therefore, we’ve reinstated the review and won’t be taking further action.
In our assessment, we look at context rather than keywords. We consider how the language you’ve highlighted would be interpreted by the average reader, and whether in the context of the whole review it’s likely to cause serious harm to someone’s reputation or serious financial loss to a business. While you might consider the language to be negative, this needs to be differentiated from being defamatory.
Please keep this in mind when you flag a review for defamation, as repeated invalid reports can result in a temporary block of your ability to flag reviews via the platform.
We’ve also assessed this review for the other reasons within the “Harmful or Illegal” flagging category, and found that the review doesn’t contain hate speech or discrimination, terrorism, threats or violence, or obscenity. Therefore you won’t be able to flag the review for any of these reasons.

That’s definitely unfair…
I doubt this reply was not made by a human being. It was too template-like and bot-like.
The “Mr.A”(reviewer) posted 3 5-star reviews to one brand listed on “trustpilot. com”
I remember that “trustpilot. com” bans people to post duplicated reviews and a real name is mandatory to post reviews. Otherwise, how can we confirm whether three reviews on “trustpilot. com” with different email addresses are posted by the same person?
Obviously, it’s a marketing guy, not related to our industry.
What he said can’t obviously represent the professional persons in our industry.
He can’t show us the evidence to prove his viewpoint.
The fake reviews will mislead our potential clients to do the right judgment if our potential clients are new to our brand!
And the fake reviews will make our several years’ efforts of creating the products, videos and posts damaged.
Is this fair?

Then why can’t the fake reviews be removed?

I think “trustpilot. com”'s purpose is to make us find more “thugs” to access their site and post revenge reviews that can bring them traffic.

We don’t need any review sites.
We don’t post any reviews about other brands as well.
Because I don’t think this review site is a fair third party.
Only space for psychos to do catharsis.

And, by the way, their login system is really poor.
Every time, it takes me hours to login.
They need to test enough to improve the poor quality.

Just to find people with the same thought, I searched reviews about “trustpilot. com” via
And found this one:

And I searched “trustpilot. com” on and found around 20 defamation claims.

So, my conclusion is correct.
I think the power to review shouldn’t be authorized for a business site.
Because it’s too easy to mislead people into a biased orientation.
At least, as the brand’s owner, we should have the right to authorize or revoke review sites to list our brand.
But the reality is, we, the owner of the brand are forbidden to remove the information that was not created by us and was not authorized to list by us.


Trustpilot is a massive scam and their content integrity team is a bunch of lying wankers and complete morons.


trustpilot is very cunning.
Their only purpose is not to promote your brand, but to get traffic.


In my opinion, don’t trust the reviews on as well.
They are as selfish as the reviewers on trustpilot also.
Just because their wishes are not fulfilled by trustpilot, they don’t even hesitate to destroy the reputation of trustpilot.
They have no normal emotions as a normal person has.
Remember, only selfish guys post reviews once they have a little bad experiences with some brands.


It’s too long to wait for a response from trustpilot.
they are scammers!

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I posted reviews on trustpilot before.
They said they have very advanced system to detect duplicated reviews.
Even if you submit forms via different email addresses, they can pick them out.
But, obviously, it’s very strange that they neglected "Mr. A"s duplicated reviews about a game brand.
If I were this guy(Mr. A), my account should have been suspended.
It makes sense that trustpilot received payment to promote the game brand.
As a third party, it’s unfair to manipulate the reviews.


I searched the brand that Mr. A reviewed on another famous review site: producthunt
Found nothing…
And on trustpilot, it has overwhelming good reviews.
Those are absolutely fake reviews.
Do you still think trustpilot is a trustful website?

Please check the screenshots:
producthunt: nothing

trustpilot: a lot of good reviews

Let’s see Mr.A’s reviews:


trustpilot obviously is promoting gameslore for money.
That’s why the rule-violation activity can be allowed.

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You know I’m a game pro.
But I have never heard of gameslore.
That the nobody site has so many good reviews is impossible.
They are 100% fake reviews.