Trustpilot helped a notorious racist Jesse Nickles post defamation reviews

Trustpilot helped a notorious racist Jesse Nickles post defamation reviews.

About who is Jesse Nickles, please access these pages to know more details:

He created two fictitious accounts in Trustpilot, the only purpose is to keep harassing and defaming us.
It’s very simple to figure out who is the person standing behind the two accounts.
Because all that he said and commented on can be concluded at one point: a scammer from China spammed him.
He said:
“Spam the heck out of me with nonsense emails and their app has zero installs on Google Play, looks like some type of bitcoin crypto scam from China
They refuse to mention who is the founders, but according to third-party sites that is Mr. Mark Sea who lives in Hong Kong.”

Why does he so hate us?
Because I’m one of the very few persons to take an active part in the activities against racism.
He has defamed thousands of people, but almost no guys reacted like me.
That’s why he stalked us and posted slanderous or harassing messages everywhere.

We have no time to engage with this psycho.
So, we asked Trustpilot to remove the fake and harmful reviews.
But, unfortunately, Trustpilot replied after one month:
" We’ve assessed the review and concluded it doesn’t contain hate speech or discrimination, terrorism, threats or violence, or obscenity. Therefore, we won’t be taking any further action, and you won’t be able to flag the review again for any of these reasons. You can read more about the types of content we consider to be harmful or illegal here.
The review has now been reinstated."

Jesse Nickles described that I’m a scammer and emphasized my nationality, it’s obviously a special purpose to call for discrimination against Chinese.
And, why such hate speech was neglected by Trustpilot is really unreasonable.
The motivation from Trustpilot is doubtful.

So, I replied directly on Trustpilot with the following words:
“We only send emails to subscribers.
Our business is mainly for institutions, our application is web-based, and completely open on our website, no need to download and install anything, so APP is redundant. The only purpose why we develop APP is only to make a showcase for individuals to try for free. We never charge bitcoin. Our website and APP are completely free and the frontend’s EA studio is open-sourced. Google Play didn’t give us any trading-related keywords to link so that few people could find it via searching and the reality that few people installed a good APP is sarcasm implying that Google is an obsolete search engine. But the number of installations is not zero, we have hundreds of installations.
You didn’t see the insights of our APP, so your subjective review is completely misleading.
If you have no evidence, you will be sued for making our reputation ruined.”

I can’t keep calm to reply in a polite way, because the world protecting so many selfish people has disappointed us.


We NEVER use trustpilot.
Full of ridiculous ToS.
We NEVER need it as well.
This kind of annoying service should be shutdown.


Who is Jesse Nickles?
The one above? The one below?


Don’t compare that ugly face to donkey!
It’s a comparison insulting donkey!

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Out of curiosity, I checked the business profile of Jesse Nickles’ brand Slickstack on ProductHunt.
It has overwhelming good reviews.
But most of the reviewers that posted good reviews have no followers(obviously signed up just to post good review or upvote for Jesse Nickles’ profile).
Most of the reviewers that posted bad reviews have a lot of followers.
Producthunt is another misleading review site without doubt.


Actually, Jesse Nickles posted a lot of negative articles on his own sites to criticize trustpilot, which has been noticed by trustpilot. As per Jesse Nickles’ comments, trustpilot hired law attorney to warn Jesse Nickles. Now that trustpilot is preparing to sue him, why did they help him to post fake reviews?
The reason is simple, trustpilot has known that I have known who is standing behind the fictitious accounts that posted fake reviews to defame our brand. Obviously trustpilot is cunning and they plan to incite me to post reviews on Jesse Nickles’ business profile.


Obviously, trustpilot has been aware of the dispute between your brand and Jesse Nickles.
And trustpilot hates J. Nickles as well, so they did the trick to transfer the potential conflict to your side.
If you post bad reviews regarding J. Nickles’ brand, then their plot will be done successfully.
I never access trustpilot, full of scams and extortion. They are all liars.
If there were a top ten list for the worst review sites, trustpilot would be No.1 absolutely!