What's the benefit to use Tensorflow?


What’s the benefit to use Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is an AI framework to help you classify graphic stuffs and identify patterns.
We identify trading signals traditionally by using technical skills such as moving average cross or candlestick patterns. The parameters such as period need to be trained(optimized) and almost all the parameters related to period should be INTEGERS. Actually market movements never duplicate, so the number of the combinations of these integers optimized is limited to a small scope and can’t cover all the situations.
AI tech provides a flexible way to identify patterns. The theory is similar to the traditional solutions but all the parameters have more of generalization with a larger scope.
Tensorflow is based on Convolutional Neural Network tech. It’s much faster to train a model.
That’s why we recommend you use our plugin for Tensorflow as the template to develop Neural Network-based EA.

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Please check this picture to have an imagination about Tensorflow and what CNN(Convolutional Neural Network) brings us.

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Will try to use it soon!!
Thank you!


I have checked this picture.
But I’m not very clear about the relationship between trading and this cat.
Can you explain further?

Tensorflow is used to identify whether the picture contains a cat graph.
So, it will scan each part of the picture and pick up all the features of a cat, such as cat ear, cat nose…
If it concludes that the picture has a very high probability to have all the features that a cat graph should have, it will conclude that this picture contains a cat.
Applying Tensorflow to trading is similar to identifying a cat.
Market movements have patterns as well. The candlesticks will have similar features when the market movements have similar surrounding factors to be affected, such as fundamental economy.
So, they can be identified on the charts as well.

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