Why Apple's APP Store permits Trustpilot APP to be listed?

Apple’s App Store Review Requirements: The Missing Account Deletion Feature

Publishing an app on Apple’s mobile platform comes with certain requirements, one of which is the necessity to have a feature that allows users to deactivate their accounts. Without this functionality, apps are not eligible for listing on the Apple App Store. However, there’s a perplexing issue with Trustpilot - the platform refuses to offer users the option to delete their accounts, even though some of these accounts were not consciously created by users themselves.

In certain cases, personal users have unilaterally added business profiles on Trustpilot without obtaining consent from the respective businesses. This situation raises an important question: Why does Trustpilot not provide an account deletion feature, while Apple’s App Store permits the app’s presence? It’s a conundrum that raises concerns about adherence to Apple’s stringent review requirements and user rights on the Trustpilot platform.