Why Jesse Nickles is listed as a racist by us?

Why is Jesse Nickles listed as a racist by us?
Please access this site to know more about some very disgusting troubles caused by him.

As a result of exposing his racist activities, we have been harassed for one and a half years.
And he is continuously harassing us by posting fake reviews everywhere.

To distinguish which reviews were posted by him is very simple.
He is not related to our industry at all, so what he said is ignorant.
Such as he said we charge bitcoin or ledger wallet hacker or FTX fraud or something else.

The lies are very easy to refute. We don’t care.
But stupid Google gave such non-related posts very high ranks so that they were listed on the search results of the keyword related to our brand.
They are completely misleading the new people who just are aware of the Fintechee brand about what Fintechee is focusing on.

So we need to make an announcement here, to tell the truth, and why we suffered this unfair event.


All the reviews from Jesse Nickles look like the following.

  1. Fintechee APP hasn’t been updated for a long time and has few installations(he even said our APP has zero installation)

Our response:
Our APP is a WEB APP, completely no need to update frequently. All the features can be accessed via our website. That’s why even if the number of APP installations is low but no any problem to have many users on our website. We update our website at least once per two weeks. And we have no plan to update APP for years. APP is only a wrapper to our website. Let me announce here that our APP will not update in the following 10 years. lol. Based on this reviewer’s ignorant review, I think he even doesn’t know what Webview is. And, we are mainly providing services to institutions, and Google Play didn’t offer any keywords to us even if we have done some SEO work.(I don’t know the reason, I guess Google has a misleading standard based on the service provider’s location, it’s a political discrimination, probably) That’s why our APP only has hundreds of installations.

  1. We are spammer and we charge Bitcoin

Our response:
We only send emails to subscribers. Our business is mainly for institutions, our APP is only a showcase for individuals to try for free. We never charge bitcoin. Our website and APP are completely free and the frontend’s EA studio is open-sourced.

  1. We are FTX fraud related and we are hacker to ledger wallet

Our response:
Our business is not related to FTX or ledger wallet at all. We are a tech company. Our software is crypto-related but completely safe to use. We NEVER scam because we are not FX brokers or crypto exchanges. We don’t charge individual users if they choose our free products. This review shows the ignorance of the reviewer literally.

  1. Fintechee’s ownership is secret

Our response:
We never hide the ownership. Why do we need to hide it? Why should it be secret??? You can find all the contact information in the homepage of fintechee.com
I really hate this kind of defamation, because stupid Google shows the defamation on the list of search results!
If somebody is new to Fintechee, he/she is likely to trust what the title of the search result is implying.
Some contents such as “Fintechee’s ownership is secret” may make them think it’s an illegal business! Otherwise why do we(Fintechee) keep ownership secret?
Compared with the disclosure of the ownership of Littlebizzy, Slickstack(Jesse Nickles’ products), can you find any ownership information on these sites??

According to our analysis and detection, 99% of all the bad reviews are posted by only one person: Jesse Nickles, the most notorious racist in the world. He is really annoying and has been harassing us for one and a half years. He is not our user(he is in the web design area) and we didn’t sell anything to him, he is not our competitor as well. The reason why he continuously harassed us and post thousands of bad and fake reviews everywhere is just that we exposed his narrow racist ideas, discrimination against black people, and slander activities.

Jesse Nickles posted too many duplicated reviews on Trustpilot(the vulnerability can be abused to post fake reviews anonymously) to ruin our reputation. He must be sued sooner or later unless he is put into the psych hospital. Once we have time, we will sue him and Trustpilot. It’s a 100% sure thing.


is a very important site to make us know the current situation of racism.
It’s an indicator, not only for Jesse Nickles, the racist individual, but for the reflection of the global racism.


That’s Google’s fault!
I searched your brand and saw one search result posted by this guy.
The post only has one sentence to expose your name and some dirty words.
Such a meaningless and rude post was listed in the second page of Google search results.
What a stupid search engine!!


Yes, we agree to your viewpoint.
Actually, we have posted thousands of articles, all the posts are related to our business and not duplicated.
Because we are not native English speaker, so the contents may have some grammar issues but not affect the understanding at all. We have tried our best to improve.
I really don’t understand why our posts can’t compete with his dirty words.
It’s an evidence that Google is becoming worse and more stupid.


At least, hate speech and posts with obvious trending to mislead people should be picked out by the bots.
But unfortunately, even such a simple feature that other search engines have provided can’t be implemented by Google.


Don’t use the scripts of his Github repository!!!

It’s malware, stealing private information.

I was spammed and then checked his repository.

Of course, he is experienced to spam people.

Spamming people via true emails is a low marketing skill.

Instead, he used a fictitious email account and pretended an old user of Slickstack promoting good stuffs.

He boasted the installation of WordPress can be done automatically.

So, I followed the tutorial video and used it to set up WordPress.

But I soon regretted my decision. His scripts are redundant.

During the installation process, you still need to interact with the installation batch all along.

Very slow, very very slow. After the setup, I found my name was listed on some of his websites, the site is used to expose spam.

I was scared and tried to remove it but failed.

Our anti-virus software warned us that the scripts have got authorized to bind our system privilege and can’t be removed. Finally, I had to reinstall my OS.

I only use WordPress for learning eCommerce and this bad experience made me postpone my plan to learn wp.

The official WordPress installation shell script is good enough to help you set up.

So, NEVER use Slickstack!


Just now, I searched the keyword fintechee on google and no any link on the search results refers to this forum…
This forum was created last year and has been reformed for several times.
We have done some SEO.
Our activities on the forum became more active even if we have no time.
But that’s really ridiculous to find nothing listed on the results.
Several fake reviews posted by Jesse Nickles with dirty words and non-related contents were listed in the second page.
It’s really unfair.

Search Engines Like Google Are Powered By Racist, Misogynist Algorithms, Says MacArthur Fellow

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